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Now you can add video poker to your arsenal of beatable casino games with the new golden touch video poker class. I couldnt dig it up but i think middleclassbuzz was the one who found it. Dominator is the best dice controller i have ever seen and frank is right up there with him. Theres nothing like table gaming to put you in the spirit. Click herefor more information about the enewsletter youll also get the free golden touch ebook. Jul 21, 2012 has anybody taken golden touch dice control class. The leading network for craps players is rtg followed by vegas tech. Welcome to the golden arm club, where membership is earned. Download the roll set results directly into smart craps, and youre ready to run simulations and use the dice set optimizer. Smart craps software for windows professional craps. Expanding upon what is available in the blackjack bundle, he has developed smart craps. Either way like an athlete you must practice, practice, practice in order to be good.

Dominator features the craps practice tables made by golden touch craps. Made up of the four corners, the fremont in addition to the four queens, binions gambling hall and the golden nugget is one of the oldest casinos in vegas. Golden arm craps tournament heavys axis power craps forum. Chats, twitter, facebook pages, facebook applications, wikis and blogs associated with golden eagle casino and the kickapoo tribe in kansas. Available now on pc, mac, ipad, and ios and android mobile phones. Not all craps casinos have the ability to accept us players. The energy at the golden gate craps games has nowhere to go and it is unmatched by any casino. This is a snapshot of the leader board a few hours into this years golden arm tournament my playing partner buddy sent.

It is two discs of information and it is loaded with visuals. The best from golden touch craps dvd new, professional dvd to help you get the edge over the house if you have bought our wonderful new craps tables, you are well aware of the quality of the products gtc produces. First, he hooks up with dicecontrol master chris pawlicki founder of rosebud, the first team approach to craps ever attempted and soon becomes their ace player. So if you are looking to get the edge at craps by learning this valuable method of play. The stickman is also a certified instructor for golden touch craps dice control classes and golden touch blackjacks advantage classes.

Frank scobletes golden touch craps is doing two exciting weeks of dicecontrol seminars, oneonone tutorials and tuneups in las vegas from april 17 through april 29, 2003. To be eligible to claim the new player welcome golden touch craps class bonuses, players must deposit a minimum of. Jun 11, 2003 the golden touch craps crew is coming. This program is loaded with features that will complement what you learn in the golden touch craps dice control class. Im currently involved fulltime in gambling and gambling research in live casinos and online. A worthwhile investment for any craps player, gain the advantage against the house with the high quality, durable, and. Since craps is a negative expectation game yes, your expectation is to lose the more you play every dollar you wager on a shooter is a dollar at risk over time. Golden touch defines a random shooter as one who bets haphazardly and simply picks up the dice and flings them across the table. Craps strategy from golden touch craps its all about dice. Playing craps with a limited bankroll golden touch craps.

Learn casino craps and dice control in seminars taught by golden touch craps intl. While most casinos laugh off the notion, dominator knows that practice makes perfect and sets out to prove them wrong. By jerry stickman the best and worst of the buy bets in america. The second option is the one where the users interested to try out the gaming portfolio provided by the site should copy its software first on their computers to get access to play. If you watch only one video on craps techniques make it this one. Should you buy what the casino is selling at craps. Namely, if you can just reduce the number of 7s on your rolls even a fraction it tilts the odds in your favor and hence, more money. Visit our golden touch blackjack web site get a real edge at blackjack the new remarkably easyto. In fact i believe there is a substantial difference in heavysbeaus cost vs golden touch. Our video series features dominic loriggio the dominator one of the greatest craps players of all time and founder of golden touch in gambling circles and in the past several years dom has made a gigantic impact on casino craps gambling with his golden touch craps dice control and golden touch blackjack classes and seminars.

Golden touch is the industry leader in teaching recreational players how to become advantage players in craps and blackjack. Golden touch craps is your source for craps lessons, dice control seminars, craps practice tables, and advantage gambling products. This guy says hell teach you how to beat the house at craps for. You can get all that and more for free from the american craps academy, american street craps academy, lids book gambling for innumerates, and reading this and other dumbass craps forum as well as watching free videos of. It is the only way to go as you have clearly shown. The easiest advantageplay method ever created for blackjack is now available in our new book. The golden touch dice control dvd is a superior, professional training product in every way. Ive seen scoblete play at a craps table with two other guys.

Some nights you will be a big winner and others you need to follow your stop loss. The ultimate las vegas casino guide red light vegas. Golden touch blackjack blackjack training course and seminar. Welcome to the golden arm club, where membership is earned by hourplus dicethrowing.

Learn dice control from frank scoblete and golden touch craps. They all did very well, i have alot of respect for their ability. Golden touch blackjack, speed count wizard of vegas. Butit does give you a positive effect on the craps game. Receiving station from golden touch craps duration. Dice control craps betting strategy golden touch craps. Dominic loriggio is known as the dominator in gambling circles and has been featured on several television shows. The captain came up with a playing method called the 5count which reduces the number of rolls you bet on other shooters by 57 percent.

Situated in downtown las vegas, the fremont casino was the tallest building in nevada when it opened in 1956 and is part of the attraction known as the fremont street experience. As a gambler, you will come across two types of gambling websites online, the no download and the download ones. I mention the golden nugget that held their craps tournament on the same weekend as the golden arm which is held at the california this year it is being held the weekend before from april 1215 see images below. His newest books are the golden touch dice control revolution coauthored with dominator, the craps underground. The book has lots of information on many aspects related to craps. He also teaches a course in advantageplay slots and video poker. This new book includes a free cd so you can practice the speed count and obs at home on your windows computer. Jul 01, 2006 then golden touch blackjack revolution. Visit our golden touch blackjack web site get a real edge at blackjack the new remarkably easytolearnanduse.

New player welcome bonuses will only be offered on your first four 4 deposits, unless otherwise stated. I hope your friend from paradise island decides to become a golden touch controlled shooter. Your access may be terminated in these cases to golden eagle casino content, kickapoo tribe in kansas content and public forums i. Record each throw with only two clicks on your laptop or handheld computer. The ceiling is low so that you can almost touch it. Discussion in dice influencing started by smd163, jul 21. See 6 photos and 1 tip from 204 visitors to golden nugget craps tables. A worthwhile investment for any craps player, gain the advantage. Golden nugget craps tables downtown las vegas 1 tip. Golden touch craps dice control videos by dominator.

Has anybody taken golden touch dice control class craps. There was a really great, indepth story done about scoblete and golden touch a few years back. There are over 54 million casino gamblers in america but very few of them can beat the house. However, they have been challenged by norm wattenberger, whom i also also respect. Ive simulated playing a dont pass bet with odds along with a. Discussion in dice influencing started by smd163, jul 21, 2012. As a result, this book is the next best thing to actually taking a golden touch seminar. Craps practice tables by golden touch craps youtube.

We pride ourselves in offering the best table games in vegas, so join us for a round or two. The easiest decision you can make to improve your odds at the casino. This policy is governed by the laws of the kickapoo tribe in kansas. The reason it is so popular with players is that four aces with a 2, 3 or 4 kicker pays 2,000 coins. This is the memberonly forum for golden touch craps. That confined feeling and dance music makes the energy in the casino intense. Golden touch craps dice control seminars, books and videos improve your odds at the casinos. The most popular video poker game in the country is double double bonus poker.

And out of the tens of thousands of craps players who come through the casino each year about 18 people. Free casino games download free casino slot games play. I play 4 days a week, approximately 12 hours per day and get all the comps i want from the casinos. Nov 19, 2016 dominator features the craps practice tables made by golden touch craps.

Jun 19, 2017 situated in downtown las vegas, the fremont casino was the tallest building in nevada when it opened in 1956 and is part of the attraction known as the fremont street experience. One of the suggestions in the golden touch craps system is to buy your own table to practice on not only is this expensive buy a craps table even if you could gain an advantage on that table, what good would it do you in a casino some casinos downtown have felt and padding as soft as a couch, while the ones at sams town are paper thin. Im not saying no dice to his belief, but its just that after spending 18 years on the inside, umpteen on the out, that i have to see it. At the time i provided a quote for golden touch i didnt know about norms skepticism, otherwise i would have held back from giving an endorsement. The golden touch calculations were done by dan provonost, whom i respect. We are devoted to making you a winner at the casinos. It is the only casino game where you can influence your own fate. The best double double bonus poker game casino city times. Again, there is nothing magical about this controled dice system. The 5 hidden secrets of craps that everybody should know. Beat blackjack using speed count and the new optimum basic strategy new. The gold standard in dice control craps is a game that can be beaten by employing a craps strategy that works within the established rules of the.

Golden touch craps atlantic city forum tripadvisor. His newest books are the golden touch dice control revolution coauthored with. Golden touch craps presents the dice dominator explaining the 5 count in. The most successful dicecontrol experts in the world, led by frank scoblete, the nations no. I have met a guy who knew about golden touch and wasnt very impressed by them. This companion program to smart craps enables super simple pro test recording for windows and palm os handheld computers. Loriggios company, golden touch craps, recently hosted a twoday seminar in a drab ballroom at the fortune hotel, east of the las vegas. I live in las vegas and consistently beat the casinos. Has anybody taken golden touch dice control class page 5. In minutes you can learn speed count and be able to play blackjack with an edge over the house. The strategy behind golden touch craps marketing plan is based on getting you to believe that certain gifted people can learn and become skilled in throwing a pair of craps dice to consistently influence their outcome, resulting in gaining a slight edge over the casino, which means those skilled dice throwers can consistently beat the casino.

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